Sometimes you need to take an exam for school, work or certification purposes. Many times, there needs to be a professional proctor exam service for you to be able to take the test in a controlled, official environment. Thankfully, Post Box Inc can act as your official proctor so that you can take your exam in a convenient, secure, and licensed location. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service. Come in anytime. We offer drop-in services, so you can come by whenever it is convenient for you. No appointment is necessary!

While you are here for your exam, know that we also offer a range of other services. Our package shipping can make sure your holiday packages get safely to their intended location, while our passport service will ensure you can go on your vacation without problem!

If you are in the San Francisco, CA area and looking for just the place to take an exam of any kind, call Post Box Inc today!


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