Live Scan Fingerprinting

Post Box Inc does live scan fingerprinting that is required for many different jobs, court cases, and volunteer work for background check purposes. A live scan is fast way to verify a person’s background; most times, the results are available within 72 hours and are run against the nationwide database to provide fast, accurate results. Whether you need to become qualified to tutor children at your volunteer center or need to provide a background check live scan for a new government job, Post Box Inc is here for fast and friendly service.

This inkless fingerprinting device digitally scans your finger pads for state, federal, and FBI fingerprinting needs. Our FBI channeler is through Biometrics4All. We also provide traditional ink fingerprinting for specified cases where this is required. In addition, we offer deposition services, a notary public, and a passport service in our local office located in San Francisco, CA.

If you are looking for expert fingerprinting services in the San Francisco, CA area, contact Post Box Inc today. We are experienced, efficient, and able to handle difficult cases. Ink and Scan.Drop-in, no appointment necessary are also elements that may be fit into the descriptors.


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