Notary Public

There are many different kinds of notary services available, ranging from witnessing the signature of legal documents to having the notary act as a mortgage signing agent as well as a certified signing agent for other documents. A Signing Agent works with the Mortgage contracting company. They complete all closing documents within approximately one hour for loan services: refi, HELOC, reverse mortgage, first, seconds. Certification of the notary makes the loan signing proceed seamlessly and easily and is now required by lenders. Hours are arranged by day and evening appointment. This versatility is one of the reasons that notaries are always in such high demand.

Notary services even have international applications in the form of an apostille, which can certify a document in multiple countries. The juraut is the domestic equivalent to the apostille.

Other common services include signings for legal agreements, marriage and birth certificates, inheritances, and business deals. In all cases, the notary signature will guarantee that the signature is legally valid. This means it can also be used as evidence in a court case.

Those wanting local notary public services in San Francisco, CA, can find them by contacting Post Box Inc. They offer a variety of notary services, but will not act as couriers.


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